Traditional Catholic Websites

I have recently found material from Traditional Catholic websites that
had disappeared. I have put this information on my website so it will
be once again available. I have put the vast majority of the material
here. I want to make it clear: these websites were copyrighted, and I
have no intent or desire to infringe on them. 
I simply post this information to once again make it available for
the general public. If the owners of these websites wish to contact 
me, I can be contacted at:

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Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi Website

Statement towards the current crisis in the Church:
The Orientation of the Priest:
The Use of the Vernacular:
The Audible Canon:
Communion in the Hand:
The New Liturgy compared to the Old :
The Ottaviani Intervention :
25 reasons why I avoid the new Mass:
Has the Catholic liturgy been Protestantised?:
The participation of the Protestant Observers in the compilation of the new Catholic: litugical texts
Differences between the Ordinary of the Tridentine Mass and the Novus Ordo Missae :
Changes in the reception of Communion from a sociological perspective :
Eucharistic Prayer II and the ancient Canon of Hippolytus:
Distorting Hippolytus? :
Michael Davies on Eucharistic Prayer II :
Authoritative essays and quotations on the deficiencies of the new order of Mass:
The Mass Reduced to a Show:
The New Order Succeeding the Old: A greater realisation of heaven on earth?:
Creating a Heaven on earth?:
The Beauty and Spirituality of the Traditional Latin Mass:
A Case for the traditional Latin Mass :
The Glory of the Silent Canon :
Questions and Answers on the Traditional Rite of Mass:
Tridentine Indult of 1984 :
"Norms" of 1986 :
The Right to Beauty:
An Unexpected Defence of Tradition :
A Short History of the Roman Mass:
The Catholic Sanctuary and the Second Vatican Council :
Not Mandated by Vatican II :
The Liturgical Experts take over :
The Council Misquoted by the Sacred Congregation of Rites :
Another Misquotation :
Pope Paul VI's Rubrics Presume Mass Facing the Altar :
No Mandatory Changes :
The President's Chair :
The Error of "Archaeologism" :
The New Code of Canon Law and the Catechism of the Catholic Church:
Return to an Altar of Sacrifice :
I am With You Always :
a. The Power of Order :
b. Doctrinal Authority :
c. The Power of Jurisdiction :
The Church is Indefectible in her Divine Constitution :
The House of the Living God :
The Visibility of the Church :
The Unity of the Church :
Conclusion to Part I :
An Important Qualification :
A Heretical Pope :
a. Pertinacity :
b. Censures :
c. The Supreme Jurisdictional Power of the Pope (and remainder of chapter) :
My Tridentine experience :
My Tridentine conversion :
Recommended reading :
Useful addreses:
"The Roman Liturgy Page - a critique:
Recommended Links:
Mother Teresa's Secret :
Communion in the Hand . . . Why? :
Receiving Communion in the hand - contradiction of symbol and reality:
Practical difficulties with the practice :
The practice of receiving Communion while standing :