July 30, 2014

I don't know where to begin. Today there is a lot of talk about Pope Francis 
issuing an "apology" to pentecostals for the alleged "persecution" of them by
"devil possessed" Catholics. Here is a link to the story:


What is this obseession with "apologizing" to protestants for the "sins" of 
Catholics? When are protestants going to apologize for their sins against the 
Catholic Church? And more importantly, for their sins against Christ Who they
CLAIM to believe in? What about the innocent Catholics who were persecuted,
tortured, killed with impunity by protestants, particularly in England back in the

When are these so-called "Bible-believing christians with an abiding faith" going
to actually follow the "Bible" they love to proclaim they believe in and give up
their phony MAN-MADE religions and convert to the one and only Church founded
by Christ?

Matthew 16:18 is very clear. Christ said he would found  a Church that the gates of
hell would never prevail against. If Jesus was (and is) God, then where do protest-
ants get off on claiming that they have the truth?

Either Jesus is God, or He is not.
Either Jesus is God Who keeps His promises, or he is not.

If Jesus is God, and He Keeps His promises, then what basis do Protestants have 
for not being members of the Church founded by Christ?

Put another way, If protestantism is true and legitimate, then what happened to
all those people who lived before 1517? Clearly if protestantism is true, then all 
those people have gone to hell, including the Apostles, the Disciples, the Blessed
Virgin Mary, and all those that Catholics honor as saints. EVERYBODY, since if
protestantism is true, then no one had access to this "truth" until 1517.

If protestantism is true, then Christ was a TOTAL LIAR and a FRAUD, and as such
there is NO BASIS WHATSOEVER for believing in the Bible, or anything else for that

So, who are you going to believe: Jesus Christ, God Himself: or protestants?
Another thing, apparently, in Italy at least, if you have a problem with what Pope
Francis is doing to the Franciscans of the Immaculate, then you will now be getting
a visit from the local police:


The Italian daily La Stampa carried the story.

Now is the time for real Catholics to stand up and DEMAND that the Pope do his
duty, and stop persecuting faithful Catholics, and start restoring the Faith.

August 20, 2013

Recently there have been many attacks on Traditionalists, particularly coming
from "Catholic Answers". Well, it seems that the Trad bashing isn't going so well 
for them. Just a few days ago they put out a Youtube video begging for money.
I guess those 4 figure speaking fees and endless books and CD's aren't giving
them enough money anymore. Maybe if they stopped wasting money on cruises
and bashing Trads, they'd have enough money to do what they claim they do,
defend the Catholic Faith!

Personally, I think "Catholic Answers" has done a lot of good work in the past.
But I also think it's time for them to retire and get real jobs. Maybe they should
see this as a sign that bashing faithful Catholics is something to be avoided.

We shall see.....