Morning Oblation

  O Merciful God, I most humbly beg a share in all the Masses that
shall be offered and all the Holy Communions that shall be made, 
from the rising  of the sun until the going down thereof, for myself
and all those who are dear to me, for all who pray for me, for all 
who may have ever injured me, or whom I may have injured; for
my relatives, friends, and benefactors; for all who may be delayed
in Purgatory through my fault; for the Holy Souls for whom Our 
Blessed Lady and St. Joseph desire help; for those in Purgatory  
who, during life, were especially devoted to the Adorable Sacra-
ment, to the Precious Blood, to the Sacred Heart, or  to the Bitter 
Passion and Death of our Divine Lord; for the poor, the sick, the 
afflicted in body; for all who are grievously tempted, for all who 
are suffering crosses, either spiritual or temporal;  for those in 
their last agony, for poor obdurate sinners, and for those who
have none to pray for them; for the just, that they may receive the 
crowning grace of perseverance; for the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops,
Priests, Deacons, Seminarians, and all religious communities.
  O my dear Angel Guardian; and Angel Guardians of all those, 
both living and dead, for whom I ask a share in the Holy Masses 
and Holy Communions, deign in your loving sweetness and 
charity  to offer them on our behalf.
  Eternal Father, I most earnestly desire to gain all the indulgences 
attached to my prayers and actions of this day (forů), and I 
humbly  offer  them for these intentions.


  Our Father, Who art in Heaven, I ask of Thee 3 things this day:
that Thou wilt help me to repair before my death, all the graces 
I have lost through my own fault; that Thou wilt assist me in 
attaining that degree of merit and perfection destined for me,
and which I may have frustrated by my infidelities; and finally, 
that Thou wilt deign to pardon me all the sins which I have 
caused others to commit, and restore to them all the graces I 
have caused them to lose.
  I ask these graces of Thee, O Holy Trinity, through the Heart 
of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the intercession of 
the glorious St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church. Amen.

An Offering of the Precious Blood for Souls

  O my God, I beg of Thee, in union with the Immaculate Heart 
of Mary, through the merits of the Precious Blood offered Thee 
in every Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world, to grant 
that this day one mortal sin may be averted, one soul in doubt 
may be converted to the truth, one soul about to die in sin may 
receive the grace of repentance and a happy death, and the 
deliverance of that soul in purgatory which is nearest Heaven. 
I wish by this offering to console the Heart of Jesus in agony  
for the souls lost through the teaching of error against the true 
Church of Christ Jesus, Our Lord. Amen.

  O my God, I wish to offer Thee this day, without ceasing, all 
the Masses that are now said, have been said, or ever  will be 
said, until the end of time. In union with them, I offer Thee all 
my thoughts, words, and actions, joys and sorrows, each breath 
I draw, each beat of my heart, to Thine ever-lasting praise and 
glory, to Thine infinite rejoicing and delight, for the glory and 
honor, praise and love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,  to thank 
Thee for all the graces bestowed on our Blessed Lady; to make 
Thee infinite reparation for my own sins and the sins of the
whole world; to offer Thee infinite thanksgiving for all Thy 
benefits to myself and to all creation, and to obtain for each 
and all, every best grace and blessing. Through each drop of 
the Precious Blood in all these Masses thus united, I beg for 
the conversion of sinners, help for the agonizing, relief for 
the poor souls in purgatory, and zeal and holiness for priests.