Christian Music Links


This page is devoted to listing the websites of various Christian singers that I like. I do not condone their Protestant beliefs,

however, they are great singers, and have some great songs. Many are very inspirational, some are just more motivational.

But whatever they are, they are wonderful to listen to. Some of these are “big name” artists, others are independent, or

otherwise lesser known, but they are a joy to listen to.


For now, I am listing only those whose music I have. Later, I may list some that I don’t have but still enjoy. I will also

list the various sites I have discovered some of these artists on.




RSJAMES.COM  (Rebecaa St. James): I have her “Wait for Me: The Best from Rebecca St. James” CD.

Point Of Grace: Official Website: I have their “Steady On” and “I Choose You” CD’s.

ZoeGirl: A great band, no longer together, I have their “With All My Heart” Greatest Hits CD.

Kristy Starling: She has one CD out so far, and I have it. I hope she puts out more.

Nichole Nordeman: I have her “Brave” CD.

Avalon: I have their “Testify to Love: The Very Best of Avalon” CD. I have her “Set You Free” CD.

Michelle Tumes: I have her “The Very Best of” CD

Jaime Jamgochian: This lady is awesome! I have her “Reason to Live” CD. Beautiful!!!

Jessie Daniels:  As far as I know, she’s an up & comer in Christian Music. I have her CD, worth owning, oh yeah!

Joanna Martino: Another up & comer, I have her CD, well worth buying. For sure!

Vicky Beeching: I have her CD “Yesterday, Today and Forever”.

Staci Frenes: I have her CD “Nothing Short of Amazing”

Courtney Spears: She’s an indie artist. Her CD is great, very contemplative.

Jennifer Greenberg's Music Space at Xianz - Friends Faith Fellowship: I discovered her CD’s on an independent music

    site, and planned to buy them, however they disappeared from that site. I was able to track down 2 of them, which

    I now own due to the generosity of someone who knows her well. They are called “Your Love Reaches Me” and

    “Restore”. She has another one I haven’t heard called “Speak Peace”, available used from various sellers on





CD Baby: This is a massive site with all kinds of different music. They have a wide variety of Christian Music available.

Indieheaven: This is a large site for independent Christian artists.

tSr - The Spirit Radio: Another good site for independent Christian artists A kind of Christian MySpace. Lots of Christian singers have music here.

Christian Social Networking - Faith Based MySpace - Xianz: Same as for the previous site.












Page created on: November 11, 2007