Answer by Warren H. Carroll, Ph.D on 06-17-2002:  
Bishop Bruskiewicz is solidly orthodox and one of our best bishops, but he should not be criticizing the Pope, who has taken firm steps against this scandal. Perhaps Bishop Bruskiewica was frustrated that the American bishops did not act sooner and more decisively. But he was at the conference in Dallas and had his chance to persuade them. Now he should come to their support and not divide the Church further. - Dr. Carroll
I find this to be an interesting answer, Dr. Carroll.
The Pope has taken a firm stand against this scandal?
Then perhaps you can explain why these bishops (the
ones who have been covering up for their priests raping
teenage boys) are still in their dioceses? Where are 
the proclamations of excommunication? Where is the 
punishment for this travesty? I think, Dr. Carroll, you
have a serious problem. You seem to think the Pope, and
I mean this Pope alone, is above criticism. Really?
Why is that? What is so special about John Paul II that
he is above criticism? Every other Pope is open to
criticism, but not this one. Why is he exempt?
He is the head of the Church, and as such is ultimately
responsible before God for what happens in the Church,
good or bad. It is his responsibility to not only lead
the Church, it is his responsibility to discipline 
those who break the law, if he doesn't then he deserves
to be criticized. I know that you don't seem to think
so, but that doesn't change the truth. Pope John Paul II has done a lot of good, and now it's time for him to
do more good, by ridding us of this cancer of these
priests who do these horrible things, and of bishops
who sit back and let them. You don't get rid of cancer by sitting back and talking, you do it by revealing it
exists and attacking it by radiation and whatever else.
In the same way, you don't solve this problem by saying
someone shouldn't criticize the Pope, and saying we 
should pray for him, and the bishops. You make it
known what should be done, and let the Pope know that
he must do his duty. If he doesn't, then who will?

Oh, and about how Bishop Bruskewitz "shouldn't divide
the Church further", what about you? At least Bishop
Buskewitz had the balls to stand up and say something,
so where do you get off "criticizing" Bishop Bruskewitz? If everybody believed as you did, these 
bishops would have gone on for another 2 or 3 decades
covering up these crimes, and maybe worse.

I think it's time that you stopped worshipping Pope John Paul II and got back to the basics of Faith.

I know you don't have the balls to put this on the 
forum, and that's ok. What we need is more people who
are willing to follow the example of Bishop Bruskewitz in this matter, and less of weakling academics who can
talk history with the best of them, but who obviously
can't learn the hard lessons of that history. And yes,
this a personal criticism of you. Or are you exempt
from criticism too?

Perhaps you could do us all a favor and show us where
in the teaching, as a matter of Faith, we are forbidden to "criticize" the Pope. Name the document,
council, give the Denzinger number, whatever, but produce it. If you can't, then have the balls to admit that you are simply trying to impose your own opinion
on others as though it were equivalent to the gospel.