From:  "Shawn Albert" <shawn86@e...>
Date:  Wed Oct 13, 1999  9:28 am
Subject:  [ctngreg] Re: ctngreg digest


>8-Oct-99 -- EWTN Vatican Update
>VATICAN ( -- In a powerful statement to the European Synod,
Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn of Vienna suggested that Church leaders in
Western Europe should ask pardon for the "silence" of the hierarchy
in the face of Communist crimes against humanity.
The Austrian cardinal observed that the crimes of the German Nazi regime have
been exhaustively discussed, but those of Communist governments are too often
"enveloped in a cloud of ignorance and in silence."
"Did we-- the Christians and the bishops of the West-- participate in that
silence?" the cardinal asked? "Should we not ask for pardon in the course of
this Synod, so that we can celebrate the memory of the
>martyrs with a pure heart?" His remarks drew warm applause from the Synod

Miracle of miracles. Maybe the Pope will announce the excommunication of all
bishops who allow the use of "extraordinary" ministers, "altar girls" and aren't generous in extending the Indult next? While I doubt that'll happen anytime soon, I think it's good that a Cardinal is finally getting real and talking about the REAL 'Holocaust'. Not to make light of the plight of the Jews during WWII, but let's be serious. Hitler was a minor criminal compared to Stalin, Kruschev, Brezhnev, etc. and Mao. Even if Hitler actually killed
6,000,000, the Communists did 10x that and more. How many millions still
languish in slave labor camps in Russia and China today? We may never know in
this life, but I for one am sick and tired of hearing about the Jews. It is way past time we heard about the Catholic martyrs in Russia and China, the ones who've suffered more than any Jew in WWII ever did or could have. At least they got out in '45, so at the absolute worst,  any given Jew could have been in a slave labor camp for no more than 13 years, if put in one in 1933. Now, there are people who have been in Communist camps for more than that, much more than that. Even Pastor Wurmbrand, who was a Lutheran, was stuck in a Communist slave labor camp for 14 years. Is there anyone who would say the Jews suffered more than he did?
What happened to the Jews was not right, not by any means, but why should they
get all the "credit" for their suffering? Compared to the Catholics and
Protestants in Russia & China, the Jews had it easy. I think instead of building a memorial to 'Holocaust', a monument should be built to the martyrs of the  Communist regimes, to those Catholics who gave their lives for God and their Catholic Faith. May the souls of all the Catholics who died in Communist slave labor camps and prisons, & all the souls of the faithful departed, rest in peace. And may those Protestants who died there, may they have received the
grace of conversion before their death, so their suffering would not be in vain.

Shawn Albert