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They're all Roman Catholics and they represent thousands of Northern Californians from San Francisco to southern Santa Clara County in the U.S. House of Representatives. Reps. Nancy Pelosi (San Francisco), Anna Eshoo (Palo Alto), and Tom Campbell (San Jose) all voted against the ban on partial birth abortions. This is the barbaric procedure into which the new born baby is more than 90% outside the birth canal and is killed by the abortionist who inserts a needle in the back of the skull and with a suction device pulls out the child's brains, killing him instantly. Please remember this vote in November!


The "Catholic" Women's Network (CWN) is enjoying a two-part series in The Valley Catholic, the San Jose Diocese's official newspaper and voice of the bishop.

In the first of the series in the August 13 edition, reporter Roberta Ward acknowledges that CWN may not be every woman's "cup of tea," but it is "serving a need for some women."

Indeed. This is the organization that offers workshops where participants show real disdain for the authority of Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium. The mention of the Pope produces snickers. Workshops feature pagan rituals and chronic goofiness, including Buddhist shrines, Wiccan witch dedications and circle dances featuring cooking-pot hats and tugs-of-war with vacuum-cleaner canisters.

This is the organization that pushes for ordination of women, in spite of the Pope's directive that it is contrary to the will of the Church, fosters the division between men and women to further its feminist agenda and openly flaunts a New Age mentality by embracing alternative religious symbols and looking for answers in Zen, handwriting analysis, pop psychology and other trendy nonsense.

This is an organization that would be on Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz's "hit list" if it existed in the Lincoln, Nebraska, diocese. Bruskewitz threatened to excommunicate Catholic members of Call to Action, Planned Parenthood and Masonic organizations because their membership is contrary to the will of the Church.

Sister Patricia Marie Mulpeters, PBVM, Vicar for Pastoral Ministry in San Jose, almost acknowledges the wayward side of the "Catholic" Women's Network by stating that the group is not formally affiliated with the diocese:

"They have not sought, nor have they been given, official recognition, and that's fine. An officially recognized organization has accountability to the local bishop for it activities, and the bishop has responsibility to insure that these activities are consistent with Catholic teaching and practice."

What this means is, CWN can offer bizarre religious workshops at the diocese's Mitty High School, call itself Catholic, work to undermine the tradition of the Church, sucker uninformed women into its program -- and get away with it because it is not "official."

The real irony is that these women want the bishop's job -- and he's helping them get it by turning a blind eye to their activities.


California Catholics played a major role in the l992 election of President Clinton and he is counting heavily on their support to return to the White House for another four years.

Most experts believe our state is crucial to the Democrats because of its huge 54 electoral votes and this is the prime reason the President is spending so much time in our neighborhood. He is especially fond of San Francisco where Mayor Willie Brown assures him there are no Republicans and he can count on 95% of the gay and lesbian vote. The Silicon Valley also has a strong Democratic registration.

At the invitation of Cardinal Roger Mahony, Mr. Clinton attended a Palm Sunday Mass in Los Angeles' St. Vibiana's Cathedral last year. He regularly exploits his ties to Georgetown University where he attended the School of Foreign Service by speaking on national television from historic Gaston Hall and inviting a fawning school president to ride on Air Force One and to dine at the White House. This president has been called by more than one commentator the most anti-Catholic president in history in spite of all this. Let's look at what we can expect from another term: - More funding of abortions in this country and abroad; - Continuing approval of partial birth abortions which have been condemned by the Holy Father and the American Hierarchy; - More fetal tissue research on victims of abortion; - More appointments of far left judges to the U.S. Supreme Court which has been rewriting the Constitution in recent years; - Higher taxes and more big Government into our live; - More national scandals in the manner of Travelgate; Filegate; Whitewater; Troopergate; Paula Jones and Jennifer Flowers,etc. - Constant catering to special interest groups who do not represent mainstream America.

This is the draft dodger who said, "I loathe the military" and tried to invoke the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act as the military's commander in chief to avoid trial in the Paula Jones case.

Fellow Catholics, let's not hand California to Clinton again. It is in your power to give him a one way ticket to Little Rock.


Archbishop John Quinn who left his San Francisco post in a shambles several months ago, and will soon live and teach at St. Patrick's Seminary in Menlo Park, delivered a major address recently in Oxford, England, criticizing the Vatican on a wide range of issues.

Quinn said the time has come to reduce the Vatican's power in American church affairs and give the laity a greater voice in the selection of its bishops. Archbishop Quinn also said there should be more discussion about married priests, the ordination of women, and artificial birth control.

Quinn retired in December following a series of problems in his archdiocese covering alleged embezzlement of almost a half million dollars by two of his priests, pedophilia suits against several priests which cost the Church millions in reparations, and the abrupt closure of eleven churches. He left his successor, Archbishop William Levada, to cope with this mess.

Ironically, on the same day Quinn delivered his Oxford speech, Archbishop Levada, who replaced Quinn in San Francisco, received a pallium (a band of white wool symbolizing the bond between the Pope and his bishops) from Pope John Paul II.

Are his ideas the kind we wish to impose on our candidates for the priesthood? Will Archbishop Quinn's teaching lead seminarians to holiness and sanctity or lead them astray?

O tempora! O mores!


The Archdiocese of San Francisco was a train wreck when Archbishop John Quinn suddenly retired several months ago and it may be years before his successor will be able, if ever, the clear the tracks, much less get the engine started again.

In an incredible display of chutzpah, Archbishop Quinn has now called for major reforms in the Catholic Church. Not just his former See, but world wide.

From Oxford University this summer, he told the Holy Father that Catholics should be permitted to discuss such issues as married priests, the ordination of women, birth control, general absolution, and the reception of sacraments by the divorced and remarried.

No matter that the Vatican has spoken unequivocally on these matters as contrary to the teaching of the Church, Archbishop Quinn is obviously leading dissidents in the battle for the American Church, while pledging unconditional loyalty to the Pope.

He also called for a restructuring of the Curia which he feels has too much power and is, in effect, undermining the influence of the bishops in matters of faith and morals.

Prior to his unlamented departure from San Francisco, Archbishop Quinn was plagued with myriad problems which undoubtedly were major factors in his decision to retire and escape to St. Patrick's Seminary in Menlo Park where his radical ideas will be solemnly passed on to the few candidates for the priesthood there.

The Archdiocese has paid out millions to victims of sexual abuse by several of its priests. It only recently discovered that two highly placed clerics, confidants of the Archbishop, have allegedly stolen more than $500,000 from Church funds. Eleven churches were peremptorily closed, causing much distress among Northern California Catholics. Church attendance has dropped by more than 50%, along with morale among the faithful and much of the clergy.

Archbishop William Levada inherited a veritable bucket of worms when he moved south from Portland. He doesn't deserve to have Archbishop Quinn sitting a few miles away pontificating on the condition of the Church in, ways which can only further undermine the faith in America and the world.

Ironically, on the same day of the Oxford address, Archbishop Levada was receiving a pallium (symbol of loyalty) from the Holy Father in Rome.


The acceptance of partial birth abortions and homosexual "marriages," and the promotion of high tax policies by Democrats is forcing large numbers of Catholics to change their political loyalties and join the Republican Party. Pope John Paul II and the U.S. Catholic Bishops were highly critical of President Clinton when he vetoed the ban on partial birth abortions. In the 16th Congressional District, the Republican nominee, Chuck Wojslaw, is rallying Christians to his fight against his liberal Democratic opponent.

Chuck Wojslaw is a practicing and believing Roman Catholic who will put Faith, Family and Country, First. He is a dedicated pro-lifer opposed to abortion, including the gruesome 'partial birth abortion' which his opponent supports. He is a husband and father who will defend the traditional family against the onslaughts of pagan society.

Chuck served our country in the U.S. Navy and had a successful career as an engineer and college professor. He retired early to run for congress. Chuck is not a politician and is really too honest for Washington D.C., but since he has charted his course he needs our support.

It takes money to make Chuck and his message known to voters. Checks made payable to Wojslaw For Congress can be mailed to:

302 Toyon Ave., Suite F-239, San Jose, CA 95127.

Chuck can be contacted for more information at (408) 923-7775.


What in the world is happening at St. Simon's (Catholic) Church in Los Altos?

One(?) of the parishioners there has been printing up dissertations on the abuses of the parish and then mailing them to other parishioners. Included in the mailings are some basic prayers of the Church, a few Catechism lessons, some traditional hymns, a subscription form to the "Wanderer" Catholic newspaper, and the words to "America the Beautiful."

The author obviously feels scandalized by what he has been experiencing at St. Simon's since the death of Fr. Spooncer in 1989. Spooncer was replaced by Fr. Andre, and in 1992, Lynda De Manti was appointed director of liturgy. De Manti is said to be highly paid and is married to an ex-priest.

The result, according to this parishioner: "An organized system of beliefs, rites and celebrations known as New Age is engulfing St. Simon's School and Church."

One of the key frustrations of the dissident parishioner is the church's attempt to remove the altar painting of the crucifixion and parish patron saints, ostensibly for renovation. Apparently, removal was impossible, so instead, the painting was covered with drapes. The drapes disappeared when Bishop DuMaine announced his $20 million capital campaign, the parishioner says. Also, a 40-hours devotion was announced at that time.

Other scandals:

The tabernacle was moved from the central altar.
The altar railings were removed so that parishioners could stand (in front of the drapes) for communion.
Children's Masses are no longer Catholic. Beetles' songs are sung, for example, instead of Catholic hymns. And children do "rap" music to the Stations of the Cross.
Children's First Holy Communion Mass was broken up into different Masses to symbolize the "community" -- in spite of strong opposition from the first communicants parents.
The church is used as a meeting hall. In one case, children for St. Simon/s School performed a play about pigs in front of the Blessed Sacrament.
The American and Papal flags have been removed from the sanctuary, ostensibly for cleaning, but they never reappeared.
The youth group, Doorways, features sex talk. MTV's "Singled Out" series is used as a teaching tool.
The word "Catholic" has been removed from the Sunday bulletin.
The National Anthem and other patriotic songs have disappeared from the parish missal.

The dissident parishioner lists other scandals in a breathless list of betrayal. And he asks parishioners join together in refusing all monetary requests from the parish. He says: "Remember, you have an obligation to take a stand for God and the Blessed Mother. God will want an accounting on what you did...it is the 11th hour; only God can help us now...Lay people, it is very important to make copies of this and send this letter to your family and friends, and especially to the Pope and Cardinal Ratzinger."

The View contacted Fr. Andre, St. Simon's current Pastor, for comment on these letters. Father stated that he "disagreed with 95% of the letter's content, and would not dignify it with any response." (The View From The Pew would like to hear from the "dissident parishioner." Please contact us.)


There is an idea abroad in the land that Catholics should be good citizens at the polls by separating Church and State.

What this means is: Leave your conscience in church.

Maybe this isn't such bad practical advice. Few of the candidates represent anything that could be called remotely Christian. Most of them go with the flow, and the flow these days is all downhill in the direction of abortion, euthanasia and gay marriage.

But Catholics are not called to be practical. We are called to be saints. So what's a voter to do? Vote your informed Catholic conscience. The idea that we're supposed to leave God outside the polling booth is just plain ridiculous. You might as well advise someone to leave his taste buds at the door of a restaurant so as not to prejudice the appetite.

This is a time of great confusion for Catholics. There is controversy in the Church, and it mirrors the confusion of society in general. God is marginalized. The Church is vilified. And traditional Catholics are made to feel stupid and old-fashioned.

Let us take comfort from some "stupid" people who went before us. In the '30's and '40's, "smart" Germans supported the killing of Jews, Gypsies, priests, Poles, and the mentally and physically disabled. Ninety-five percent of German society -- ordinary bakers, bankers, teachers, mechanics, shopkeepers -- supported Adolf Hitler's government and Germany's renewal as a world power, whatever the cost. The other 5 percent disliked the Nazis but kept their mouths shut. Only a very few fought back. AND THOSE FEW WERE RIGHT!

After the Anchluss in Austria, only one man declared himself a conscientious objector. He was a simple janitor, and he refused to serve in the Nazi army. His bishop urged him to change his mind so he would not be executed. But the janitor refused. He explained that only a few months before, the Eucharist had been refused to members of the Nazi Party because its philosophy was opposed to the will of Christ. He told the bishop: "If you can show me the documents that prove their philosophy has changed, then I will serve." The janitor was executed. AND HE WAS RIGHT.

Saint Margaret Clitherow of York was a convert who never heard a single Mass or saw a priest in priestly garb. She harbored a Catholic priest in her home after Catholicism was declared a capital offense during fierce repression of the Church in 16th century England. She was ordered hung, drawn and quartered, even though she was pregnant with her ninth child. The court was willing to offer her clemency if she promised never to repeat her offense.

She said: "I give you my solemn promise that I will harbor more priests if they come to me because they alone offer the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ." She was given the worst capital punishment then meted out: She was crushed to death beneath a heavy door. AND SHE WAS RIGHT!

Today, pro-lifers are called names, sued in Federal Court for picketing clinics, and shunned for their "old-fashioned, moralistic" views. History will prove them right.

The Vatican newspaper "L'Osservatore Romano" said in its March 27 edition that voters have a moral responsibility to reject politicians who support legalization of same-sex marriages. The article, written by Fr. Gino Concetti, a moral theologian, said that someone who votes for a politician committed to legalizing such unions deserves moral censure, too. The reason: "It is not licit to cooperate with moral disorder," in this case granting civil status to a practice that "harms human dignity and contrasts with the divine plan for sexuality, marriage and family."

We can infer this admonishment to be licit in our voting habits is true on any issue where the politician represents a position contrary to moral teaching.

We get the government we deserve. We are not to compromise. Don't buy the "sensible" idea that you are throwing away your vote. Voting for evil is a compromise no Catholic should accept.

If you need help identifying the candidates and their positions and records, call San Jose Pro Life Council at (408) 257-1988 for a fact sheet.


The View From The Pew provided an explanation, overview and history of the RENEW program planned in the San Jose Diocese in its May/June and July/Aug. issues and on its Web site.

That information was picked up by columnist Frank Morriss in the Wanderer, a national Catholic weekly newspaper with 35,000 circulation. San Jose was featured in the headline and throughout the article.

A week later, another Wanderer columnist wrote a piece on small-faith communities and made the point that there is nothing wrong with small groups of folks praying together per se, but that the history of these groups supports an attitude of caution.

What happens in a classroom if the teacher disappears? What happens in an office if the boss quits? What happens in any situation when people are left to "do their own thing?" That's what will happen in small-faith RENEW groups, in spite of leadership training.

Forewarned is forearmed in the Church Militant!

(For subscription information to the Wanderer, write THE WANDERER PRESS, 201 Ohio St., St. Paul Minn., 55107. The rate is $40 per year.)


Diocese of San Jose (Dioecesis Sancti Josephi in California)
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First Bishop of San Jose; ordained June 5, 1957; appointed Auxiliary Bishop of San Francisco and Titular Bishop of Sarda April 28, 1978; Episcopal Ordination June 29, 1978; appointed Bishop of San Jose January 27, 1981. Office: Diocese of San Jose, 900 Lafayette St. Suite 301 Santa Clara, CA 95050-4966

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