We are all called to be saints:

  1. No matter what happens, try to let no pressure appear.
  2. If possible, attend daily Mass and secure Godís blessing for your work.
  3. Bear daily annoyances in a spirit of resignation in your imitation of the Mother of Sorrows.
  4. You are aching to tell a bit of news. Wait an hour; it will keep.
  5. Are you in bad humor? Laugh if possible.
  6. When you hear the clock strike, repeat the indulgenced prayer. "Divine Heart of Jesus, convert sinners, save the dying and release souls from purgatory."
  7. Have you received a letter? Wait a while before reading it.
  8. Do you wish to avoid certain persons? Say a little prayer and put yourself in the way to meet them. God goes before you.
  9. Do good to the souls of others by a kind word of encouragement, or a prayer softly breathed.
  10. Should you feel inclined to make uncharitable remarks, let your words instead be kind and considerate.
  11. You are tempted to eat or drink between meals. Abstain in honor of your mortified Savior.
  12. It does not please you to go to a certain place. Go for that reason.
  13. You are impelled to speak and act while excited. Wait, let the storm pass.
  14. Attend Benediction whenever you can. Godís blessing should not be slighted.
  15. Make the Stations when you can.
  16. Perhaps you are tempted to criticize your neighbor. Say to him, or her, only what is good, or be silent.
  17. Are you tempted to anger? Conquer yourself for the love of your meek and gentle Savior.
  18. When you have time to spare, go before the Blessed Sacrament and make the holy hour.
  19. You are inclined to say your prayers hurriedly. Take time; prolong them.
  20. Everything tries and irritates you. Bear all with love.
  21. Offer an extra Holy Communion for those who are dear to you.
  22. Somebody possesses the happy faculty of irritating you. Keep cool.
  23. Bear with the failings of others if you wish Jesus to be patient with you.
  24. Is there opportunity for some slight revenge or a sharp word? Show yourself polite and obliging.
  25. You would like to eat a fruit or a tasty dainty. Refrain. Jesus asks this of you.
  26. You are disposed to complain when you suffer. Thank Jesus for granting you a splinter of His Cross and endure silently.
  27. Are you worried about a loved one? Trust the dear Sacred Heart and all will be well.
  28. Often make the Sign of the Cross and use holy water. Give the indulgence to the souls in purgatory.
  29. Present a bouquet of flowers to your sweet Jesus: ten mortifications daily.
  30. Hide the faults of others and our dear Lord will hide yours.
  31. Let no day pass without saying a decade of the Rosary for the conversion of sinners.
  32. Have your feelings been injured? Offer the mortification to the Mother of Sorrows.
  33. If you feel inclined to brood over past sorrows, call to mind the many graces for which you should be grateful.
  34. Win a sweet smile from Jesus by a daily visit to the Blessed Sacrament. Pray for sinners.
  35. Practice self-forgetfulness and consider the interests of others.
  36. Frequently during the day make a Spiritual Communion- say often: "My God I love Thee and desire to receive Thee into my poor heart."
  37. Say a decade of the Rosary for the sick, those in affliction, and for the aching hearts throughout the world.
  38. You wish to do something simply because it pleases you. Omit it and give the merit to the souls in purgatory.
  39. Confide to God alone your anxieties, your discouragement regarding your dear ones. Ask Jesus what to do and say.
  40. Try to cultivate devotion to our Lordís Passion. This will give comfort in the sorrows that must come to all.

Imprimatur: James A. McNulty April 1, 1958

Bishop of Paterson