My Statement towards the current crisis in the Church


Firstly, I wish to state that I am obedient to both the ordinary and extraordinary magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church, as dictated through the centuries by Sacred Scripture, Papal encyclicals and letters, and Ecumenical Councils.

The Holy Father

I consider the current Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, the existing valid Pope and I am obedient to him in his authority as the successor of St. Peter. I consider him to be very holy man, and condone in the strongest terms his teaching in upholding morality and the doctrine of Christ in this decadent society of ours. I am not in any way a sedevacantist, who believe the Holy See to be vacant, something I consider to contradict our Lord's very words in which He said He would always be with his Church, to the end of the age.

What crisis?

However, I consider the Holy Father should use his God given authority in disciplining the sons and daughters of the Church more effectively. For instance, Hans Kung is still a Roman Catholic priest, even though he is considered a heretic and a schismatic by orthodox Roman Catholics. People like Hans Kung teach error and poison, leading God's flock astray into the hands of the Father of lies himself, Satan, and should removed. The Church of Christ is a Church of sinners, but sinners striving for perfection, set apart from the world in union with Christ, our Lord. Dissenters are no longer Catholics, they are colluding with the world against the bride of Christ and should be charitably put aside to protect the rest of the children of God. Parents would object to poison being fed to their children and would confront those planting it; why can't the Vicar of Christ, our Holy Father do the same?

Moreover, the current state of liturgy in the Church is deeply distressing. The reforms following the Second Vatican Council have contradicted the Council itself in many ways, such as the suppression of Latin and the traditional liturgy as a whole, and gone far beyond it as well - the smashing of sanctuaries, Communion in the hand to standing communicants, lay "Eucharistic Ministers", banal music, etc. The average Sunday Mass has more to do with the reforms of Luther and Cranmer than the genuine liturgical movement of the last century.

The great upheaval in the liturgy, together with a catechetical revolution and the rise of modernism and relativism, has almost emptied churches of the faithful. The "right" have seemingly stayed at home, too disturbed to attend Mass in fear of the sacrileges that are performed there, or stray into schism. The "left" drift off into sects, Protestant communities or loose the faith altogether. Those remaining have little of the faith left: a recent survey in America said that only 30% of American Catholic believed in transubstantiation (that the bread and wine are truly and substantially changed into the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ at the consecration) - which means, of course, that 70% of church-goers have lost the faith! We are, I'm afraid, in the midst of a terrible heresy, modernism, the "synthesis of all heresies" as St. Pius X terms it in Pascendi Gregis. Even Pope Paul VI, champion of the Second Vatican Council, has stated that the "smoke of Satan" has entered the Church which has switched from "self-criticism to self-destruction". Maybe some hard facts are in order:

Statistics in England and Wales:

1944 1954 1964 1974 1984 1996
Catholic Population 2,372,074 2,939,900 3,827,000 4,162,942 4,220,262 4,134,000
Mass Attendance No figure 1,886,600
1,752,730 1,512,553 1,111,077
Baptisms 71,604 92,380 137,673 80,587 71,698 67,412
Conversions 8,722 11,920 12,348 5,253 5,146 5,180
Marriages 30,946 37,921 45,592 36,566 28,061 15,522
Priests 6,030 6,800 7,714 7,453 6,816 5,712
Ordinations 178 219 230 146 92 72
First Communions No figure No figure 90,776
87,592 53,873 No figure
Confirmations No figure No figure 89,984 69,884 47,084 No figure

(Diocesan figures submitted to the National Statistics Centre).

And this is against a background of rising figures in the mid-sixties! Moreover, towards other countries (e.g. France, Holland, Italy) these figures are relatively good in comparison. The decline of the Church since the liturgical reforms is truly devastating: every year 55,000 Catholics stop attending Mass in England & Wales alone.

I am a Lefebvrist?

No, I am not. Although I commend Mgr. Lefebvre's efforts in preserving tradition and fighting the neo-modernist forces since Vatican II, I do however deplore the illicit consecrations of 1988 that he performed in ordaining four Bishops without Papal approval. Although I disapprove of their current status, I do sincerely pray for a reconciliation between Mgr. Lefebvre's Society of St. Pius X and the Holy See.

So, what's the solution?

In order to pull out of this heresy, we must:

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