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1. Societies

The Latin Mass Society of England and Wales

for the Preservation of the Traditional Roman Rite

The society works under the Papal Indult of 1984 and the Pope's motu proprio Ecclesia Dei in preserving and fostering the traditional Latin Mass under the international banner of Una Voce.

The Latin Mass Society
11 - 13 Macklin Street

Tel: (+44) (0)171 404 7284
Fax: (+44) (0)171 831 5585

Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice

"PEEP" is a lay organisaton supporting the teachings of the Catholic Church, loyal to the Magesterium and the Pope. The society publishes a newsletter three times a year called "The Flock" and organises an annual conference (this year's is at Westminster Central Hall, London, on Saturday May 10th, 10am, with Mother Angelica as the guest speaker).


Mrs. D. McLeod
4 Fife Way
Gt. Bookham
Surrey KT23 3PH U.K.

Tel/Fax: (+44) 01372-454160

2. Periodicals

Christian Order

Christian Order is a magazine devoted to Catholic Social Teaching and incisive comment on current affairs in the Church and State; at home and abroad; in the political, social and industrial fields. It is published ten times a year.

Address for correspondence to Christian Order:

P.O. Box 14754,
London. SE19 2ZJ. U.K.

The annual subscription to Christian Order is 20 in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland; $40.00 in the United Sates, Canada and Australia; elsewhere according to the approximate sterling rate of the exchange, in the currency of the country concerned or any convenient currency.

Air-mail rates as follows:

U.S.A., Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, etc. - 35, or $75.

3. Catholic sources for books and tapes

CV (Christus Vincit) Productions

Offers a wide variety of talks and books on tape, including a "tape a month" scheme that allows you to build up a small library of tapes very easily with the minimum of expense.

CV Productions
P.O. Box 14
Norfolk NR21 8EJ U.K.

Tel/Fax: (+44) 01328-864447

St. Anthony Communications

Offering a selection of tapes, books and booklets on the faith by such renowned speakers as Professor Scott Hahn and Abp. Fulton Sheen, in full accord with the teachings of the Church.

St. Anthony Communications
Mount Carmel
St. Brides Lane
Wales SA69 9HL U.K.

Tel: (+44) 01834 812643

Carmel Books

Traditional Catholic bookseller (new books)

P.O. Box 281,
Bristol BS99 3ER

Tel. (0117) 953 2002 (weekdays between 9 am to 12 noon).

Categories: Scripture; Prayer books; Our Lady and the Rosary; Children; Spiritual writings; Doctrine and Catechetics; Encyclicals and Papal letters; History; Saints and biography; Liturgical/Choral; Liturgy; Support for Catholic tradition; Rosaries, Scapulars, etc.; Miscellaneous.

John Bevan

Catholic Bookseller

A Bookseller with special interest in old and out-of-print Catholic liturgy, History, Biography and Select Fiction.

St. Francis,
Great Doward,
Herefordshire. HR9 6DY. U.K.

Tel: (+44) 01600-890878

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