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The Catholic Tradition:

Catholic Family News:

Una Voce:

Gerry Matatics - Biblical Foundations International:

Seattle Catholic:

The Fatima Network:
Tan Books:

The Remnant Press:

Daily Catholic:

All Roads Ministry:

All Roads Ministry Tracts Index Page:

Tradition in Action:

Roman Catholic Faithful:
National Coalition of Clergy & Laity:
Keep The Faith: Excellent Audio & Video Tape Apostolate
The Latin Mass magazine:
Catholic Insight Home Page: This site has gone sede-vacantist. It still contains much good information still, just be cautious.
Our Lady of the Rosary Library:

Christian Order: Catholic magazine published in England. Founded by Fr. Paul Crane S.J. (RIP)

St. Benedict Center: Still River, Mass.

St. Benedict Abbey: Still River, Mass. This is a group of Benedictines, not MICM.
St. Benedict Center:  Richmond, N.H.
Saint Augustine Institute of Catholic Studies:

Apologia - The Fullness of Christian Truth:

The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter:

Sensus Traditionis: Home Page of Fr. Chad Ripperger, F.S.S.P.

Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest:

Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei:

Episcopally Approved Tridentine Masses in the U. S. & Canada:
Oriens: The Journal of the Ecclesia Dei Society - Australian site.

The Saint Gregory Society:

Catholic Treasures:

Triumph Communications:

Tower of David Ministry:

Catholic Apologetics International: Excellent apologetics, but lousy customer service.

Roman Catholic Books:

Neumann Press: Excellent Catholic books, including several by Michael Davies
The Latin Mass Society of England & Wales:

Vancouver Traditional Mass Society: Great source for documents on the Traditional Mass/FSSP

A Lumen Gentleman:




St. Catherine Review:

The Saint & the Dragon: An Intemperate catholic Review

The Catholic Counter-Reformation of the XXIst Century: Controversial, but interesting.

John XXIII Fellowship CO-OP: Good Catholic site. Publishers of an excellent Australian magazine called Fidelity.
Tridentine Latin Rite Missal Project:

Ron Traino's Home Page:

Robin's Religious Page:

Keeping It Catholic website: The Faith, Family, and Home Education Network

Mary Immaculate Queen Center Books & Religious Articles:

Maeta - Publisher of many good Traditional Catholic books:

Veil of Innocence: Organization concerned with fightiing sex-ed and with promoting chastity and modesty

Little Flowers Family Apostolate: Dedicated to helping families build the Church in miniature - the Home. Also dedicated to promoting Modesty in dress and Purity.

Angelus Press: Whatever you think of the SSPX, their publishing house has many good books.

"In the Spirit of Chartres" Committee:

Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission:

Catholic Books Online:

St. Bonaventure Publications:

Oblates of Mary, Queen of Apostles:

Our Lady of the Rosary School:

Una Voce-Cedar Rapids Iowa Chapter

Seattle Latin Mass Congregation - Una Voce of Western Washington

Una Voce of Orange County

Los Angeles Chapter of Una Voce America

Una Voce Columbus

Una Voce - Springfield Area

Baronius Press Ltd: Source for Pocket-size Douay-Rheims Bible & 1962 Tridentine Missal

Roman Catholic Sacramentals Foundation: Carries Traditional Latin Mass Videos & DVD’s Traditonal Catholic News, etc. (May be sede-vacantist, but has a good forum)

Mother of Our Savior Co.: Traditional Catholic Gifts & Supplies

Parish of St. Peter & St. Paul: Tridentine Mass Parish in Troy, New York


Reference and Apologetics:


Scripture Catholic:

Papal Encyclicals Online:

Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils:

Catholic Doctrinal Concordance:

Garment of Grace: Text of a booklet on the Brown Scapular
Liberalism is a Sin:

Welcome to Excellent Apologetics tapes, 3 are FREE!

The 40 Questions Most Frequently Asked About the Catholic Church by Non-Catholics:
The Catholic Religion Proved by the Protestant Bible:
Where we got the Bible and our Debt to the Catholic Church:
Eucharist Quizzes to a Street Preacher:
Bible Quizzes to a Street Preacher:
Confession Quizzes to a Street Preacher:
Virgin and Statue Worship Quizzes to a Street Preacher:
The Catholic Church has the Answer: by Paul Whitcomb

Confession of a Roman Catholic: Great little booklet by Paul Whitcomb, a former Protestant minister who converted to the Catholic Faith.

The Commonitory of Vincent of Lerins:
The Catholic Apologist's Cheat Sheet:
Catholic Bible Verses:

Questions for Jehovah's Witnesses: Next time they come to the door, ask them these...
Don't be Fooled by Jack T. Chick Tracts:
The Catholic Family Handbook: Reverend George A. Kelly
These are the Sacraments: Book by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
Library Documents on Pius XII: EWTN Library documents that refute the attacks on Pope Pius XII for his wartime actions.
Keeping Your Balance in the Modern Church:
The American Catholic Truth Society: Catholic Apologetics

A Protestant's Guide to the Catholic Church:

The Catholic Library:

Corunum Catholic Apologetic Web Page:

Beginning Catholic Apologetics Home:

Traditional Catholic Apologetics:

Jesse Romero, Catholic Evangelist - Welcome!: Dynamic Catholic convert and speaker

The Coming Home Network International:

The Complete Catholic Handbook for the Latter Days: Requires Adobe Acrobat reader.

A Catholic Response:

The One True Faith Lay Apostolic Ministry:

Catholic Dossier: back issues 1996-2002

The Catholic Faith Magazine: back issues 1996-2002

Catholic World Report back issues 1996-2002

Homiletic & Pastoral Review: back issues 1996-2002

Outline of "Independent Bishops": This page lists the various lineages of “Traditionalist Bishops”. This is for reference purposes.

Catholic Calendar: Gives the Mass readings for the day. (New Mass)




The Pieta Prayerbook:
The Way of the Cross:
Novena to the Sacred Heart:
Prayer to the Shoulder Wound of Jesus:
Seven Offerings of the Precious Blood:
The Seven Sorrows Devotion:
Prayer to St. Joseph:
Prayer for Holy Priests:
Prayer for the Poor Souls in Purgatory:
Devotion to the Drops of Blood shed by Our Lord:
Rural Life Prayerbook: Old prayer book on EWTN website, has some very good prayers.
Novena in Honor of the Most Holy Face of Jesus:

The Catholic Baltimore Manual of Prayers: Has Prayers for Mass, Holy Communion & Adoration.


Spiritual Life:


An Examination of Conscience for Adults:

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola:

The Spiritual Life by Very Rev. Adolphe Tanquerey: Introduction, #1-48, - Note: From this link on, I will list only the title and paragraph numbers for each section.
The Spiritual Life #49-87:
The Spiritual Life #88-294:
The Spitual Life #295-351:
The Spitiual Life #352-406:
The Spiritual Life #407-617:
The Spitual Life #618-634:
The Spiritual Life #635-642:
The Spiritual Life #643-704:
The Spiritual Life #705-750:
The Spiritual Life #751-817:
The Spiritual Life #818-899:
The Love of Eternal Wisdom: St. Louis de Montfort

True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary: by St. Louis de Montfort

The Secret of Mary: by St. Louis de Montfort

My Eucharistic Day: Good little booklet of material taken from the writings of St. Peter Julian Eymard
Lessons for the Soul: Here are some chapters from the book "Hell plus How to Avoid Hell" published by Tan Books.

Catholic First: Has many great classic Catholic books for reading online.
The Rosary - An Introduction: This site also has Papal Encyclicals on the Rosary

The Pains of Hell: (Ignatian Spitiual Exercises)
The Illuminative Way: (Ignatian Spitiual Exercises)

Your Personal Salvation: A Meditation by St. Anthony Mary Claret
The Pains of Hell: A Meditation by St. Anthony Mary Claret

Proper Devotion to the Blessed Virgin: Meditation by St. Anthony Mary Claret

Divine Intimacy: by Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene (most of the book, not all)


Holy Mass/Holy Eucharist/Eucharistic Adoration:


The Hidden Treasure of the Holy Mass: book by St. Leonard of Port-Maurice

The Real Presence: book by St. Peter Julian Eymard

The Real Presence Association:

The Apostolate for the Eucharistic Life:

Adore Christ for Peace:

The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist - The Value of Sacrifice

Eucharistiae Sacramentum:

Instruction on Eucharistic Worship:

Eucharistic Adoration News Home Page:
Links to the Eucharist: Church Documents:
Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Manual: Book that can be very useful for starting Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration.
Apostolate for Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration:
The Holy Mass: A Pictorial Guide with text. (Reference only, links to sede-vacantist sites.

Other Catholic Sites:



Adoremus - Society for the Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy: I don’t agree with their aim to

renew” the liturgy, but they do have a lot of useful documents and articles.

Saint Joseph Communications: They have a lot of good Catholic Apologetics material, but be careful, many of the speakers are very anti-Traditional.

All Catholic Books: They carry many excellent Catholic books. But they do carry some not so good ones.

Sophia Institute Press:
Our Lady's Warriors:
Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights:
The St. Joseph Foundation:

Universal Living Rosary Association:

Eagle Forum:

Pauline Books & Media/Daughters of St. Paul: Excellent source for hard copies of Encyclicals & other documents
Catholic Information Network:
The Catholic Pages:
The Seven Dolors of Mary: Large site with prayers and other good material

Holy Face Association:

The Saint Austin Press:

Chastity....Abstinence....and Dating:
Holy Souls Online:
Friends of the Suffering Souls:

Block Rosary:

Holy Wounds Apostolate:
Rosary Center:
St. Stephen's Book Exchange:
Patron Saints Index:
Free Stuff - The List: Free Catholic booklets & tapes, meant primarily for non-Catholics.
Courage: Real help for those struggling with homosexuality

Masturbation is Killing You: Small site that gets right to the point.

Think Chastity - No Contraception, No Sterilization: Chastity is for married people, too (Note: I post this link because the site has a lot of good info, however, NFP is NOT to be used unless there is a SERIOUS need for doing so.)
love A magazine aimed primarily at college students, but is useful for most anyone
Our Lady's Rosary Makers: Good organization for Rosary Makers, or those who want to start making Rosaries. They link to 3 sites at the bottom of their page which I do not recommend, however. - Catholic vocations: Good site for help in discerning a vocation to the Priesthood or Religious Life. Legionaries of Christ site, so caution is in order.

Thomas More Law Center:

The Cross and the Veil - A Catholic Web Resource For Spiritual Discernment: Useful against “New Age”.

Mass Times:

The Litany Collection:

The Angelus Magazine: SSPX. Does have some good articles. For reference only.

Opus Dei Awareness Network: Something to consider.

Nextwave Faithful - Life, Love, Purpose, Truth

Love One Another Magazine: Has some interesting articles.

True Knights: Defending the Family, Defending the Faith!:

Pure Love Club:

Relevant Radio: Catholic radio programming

New Oxford Review:


 Catholic Articles:


View from the Pew AND Lex Credendi, Lex Orandi Web Site: The vast majority of the material from these sites are now back online on my Site.
Documents Revealing the Truth about Renew 2000: Also includes the 1986 critique by the NCCB of the original "Renew"
A Review of Renew 2000 Materials:
Paulist's Renew 2000 Is Just a Front for Call to Action:
Part II - Paulist's Renew 2000 Is Just a Front for Call to Action:
Modern ecumenism is a fraud....:

Thanks to ecumenism....:
62 Reasons why....: The New Ordo Mass may be valid, but that's all that can be said for it...
Ecumenism Condemned by Scripture:
Is Communion in the Hand an Abuse?:
Communion in the Hand...Why?:
Why Communion in the Hand is Forbidden:
Rethinking Communion in the Hand: Excellent article by Jude Huntz
Pope John Paul II Says: Let Catholics Have the Traditional Mass
Pope John Paul II Says: Let Catholics Have the Traditional Mass: Part II
Resisting Wayward Prelates: According to the Saints
The Third Secret of Fatima and the Post-Conciliar Debacle:
The Case for the Latin Mass: Article by Dietrich von Hildebrand
Sacrosanctum Concilium: A Lawyer Examines the Loopholes
The New Mass and Indefectibility: Excellent Article by Michael Davies
Surviving the Post-Vatican II Church:
The Ottaviani Intervention:
Virtues: Articles on Modesty in Dress
Dissident Catholic Organizations:
On Papalotry: Article based on a speech by Dr. William Marra
A Heretical Pope? : Article by Michael Davies
Episcopal Jurisdiction and the Roman See:
The Doctrinal Authority of Papal Allocutions:
De Defectibus "On the Defects that may occur in the Celebration of Mass": This used to be in all Altar Missals pre-Vatican II.
The Jargon of Liturgists: Brain-washing the Faithful:
A New Catholic's Problems regarding Traditionalism: Article by Stephen Hand - Explains why Traditional is the way to go, although now I doubt Mr. Hand would agree.
Is the New Mass Valid or Pleasing to God?: Very interesting article. I don't necessarily agree with their assessment of the Indult Mass, but otherwise is something to seriously consider.
Conservative Bishops, Liberal Results: Excellent article by James Hitchcock.
Is the Vatican Being Ignored?:
Vocabulary of Terms commonly used by dissenters:
A Modesty Proposal: An excellent short article on the topic, though I DO NOT recommend the magazine it appeared in.
A Closer Look at Charismatic Renewal:
On Modesty and Mortification:
The Emergence of Conservative Catholicism:
Chastity and Modesty:
Small Christian Communities: A New Danger to the Parish:
Legitimate Protest and Criticism of Papal Acts: Excellent and intelligent article written by Adam C. Kolasinski
Bishop Bruskewits's Diocese Oozing with Pentecostalism, Ecumenism and Polka Masses: Article by John Vennari from Catholic Family News Jan. 99 issue
An Apologia for Roman Catholic Traditionalism: Remnant Article by Chistopher Ferrara which brings up some excellent points. I highly recommend it.
Traditional Catholicism is Historical Catholicism: History's Indictment of the "Conservative" Error: Remnant article by Thomas E. Woods. Highly recommended.
Mission Infallible: When is he? When is he not?: Excellent article which explains Papal Infallibility and its limits.
Fatima Perspectives: by Christopher A. Ferrara
Operative Points of View by Fr. Chad Ripperger:
Catholic Pentecostals - The Risk is too Great: Excellent artice from the February 2000 issue of Christian Order
My View: Apologia Pro Michael Davies & Other Catholics: Excellent article by Mario Derksen, a MUST READ.
A Brief Defense of Traditionalism: EXCELLENT article. A MUST READ.

The Veil:




Maine Right to Life Committee:
Pro Life Action League:
American Life League:
Human Life International:
Life Dynamics: For people who work in abortion clinics and want to help stop abortion. Exposes Planned Parenthood's and Nation Abortion Federation's complicity in protecting child abusers.
The Elliot Institute:
The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List:
Priests for Life:
Birthright International:
Life Issues Institute, Inc.:
The National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing:
Rachel's Vineyard: Retreats for Post-Abortion Healing
Abortion Facts: The truth about the Pill
National Right to Life:

STOPP International:
Life Decisions International:
The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform: CAUTION: Contains very graphic pictures
The Silent Scream: CAUTION: Very graphic material

The Silent No More Awareness Campaign:

One More Soul Center:

Vitae Corporation: Introducing programs to assist the "Culture of Life".
Confession of an ex-abortionist: Read the real story of how abortion became "legalized" in the U.S.

Abortions -- The Truth:

Easton Publishing Company:

Sidewalk Counselor's Page: Gives advice on how to do sidewalk counseling.

Catholics against Contraception:

LifeSite: Pro-life news




Catholic Apparitions of Jesus and Mary: Generally good. Informational purposes only.

Answers about Medjugorge and other reported revelations: Medjugorje true? NOT!!!

Medjugorje after Twenty-two Years - The Definitive History: by Michael Davies

Medjugorje: Is All That Glitters Gold?: Another excellent site that exposes Medjugorje.
Private Revelation: Unravelling Medjugorje: Another excellent expose' of Medjugorje.


Catholic Music:


Catholic Music Network:

The Music Ministry of Gretchen Harris:

Carrick Ministries Julie Carrick and Friends:

Elm Street Records - Marie Bellet:


Misc. Links


ACLA American Catholic Lawyers Association Home Page:

Enough is Enough Home Page: Devoted to protecting children and families from illegal pornography and online predators
National Law Center: Devoted to protection against pornography by assisting law enforcement and law improvement.
Bolek's Craft Supplys: Good source for beads for Rosary Making

Catholic Video Vision Video & DVD: Carries Catholic & Christian movies