1. In thanksgiving for all the graces bestowed on me this day and all the days of my life.
2. In thanksgiving for all the graces bestowed on all people throughout the world from the beginning of time to
   now, especially those bestowed on the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, and on the Blessed Virgin Mary, 
   St. Joseph, and all the saints & angels. For an increase in devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary & St. Joseph;
   also for an increase in devotion to the lesser known saints, that God's Glory may be praised through them.
3. For all my relatives, particularly Derrick & Marcus; all my friends, acquaintances, enemies, fellow parishioners
   & their families (past & present),  and all those I have known throughout my life.
4. For the repose of the souls of my mother, Cynthia Shorey; my grandparents, Eva & Eugene Albert; my other
    relatives, Alden, Arnold, Anita, Garfield & Ralph Albert, Eugenia Griffin; also Clifford Albert, Alfred Dyer, Percy
    Barnes(Rose), and all other who were related to me. Also: Eva Dyer, Gilbert Madore, Gayland Prescott,
    George Prescott, Sr. & Phyllis Prescott, Elsie Fisher, Wayne Shorey, David Shorey, Ernest Gamblin,
    Cookie & Raymond Larson, Roger's father, Kyle Cousins, Herman Bubar, Albert Bruso (Bruce), Pete Griffin,  
    Deana Griffin, ReyWalker, Randy Lagasse, Scott McCrossin, Cyrus Caldwell, and any other I have known
    who may be in Purgatory.
5. For the Holy Father_____; for all Cardinals, Bishops & Priests, particularly for Fr. John Fongemie, Fr. James
    McLucas, Fr. Nicholas Gruner, Father Stephen Somerville, and all the other priests who are striving to main- 
    tain Catholic Tradition; also for Fr. Austin, and all priests in the Bangor area, for Fr. Nicknair, Fr. Madigan,
    all the priests I have known, both living & deceased. For all religious & 3rd order members, particularly for 
    those in the Traditional Orders. For an increase in vocations to the priesthood & religious life, particularly in
    the Traditional Orders, such as the FSSP, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Oblates of Mary,
    Queen of the Apostles, and all the others. For all seminarians, particular those in the Traditional Orders.
6. For the repose of the souls of all deceased priests, particular those who were faithful defenders of Catholic  
    Tradition: Fr. Paul Wickens, Fr. Alfred Kunz, Fr. Malachi Martin, Fr. Charles Fiore, Fr. Marcel Nault, 
    Fr. Vincent Miceli, & Fr. Peter Mascari.  Also for Bishops Marcel Lefebvre &  Antonio de Castro Mayer, and 
    all deceased bishops, Cardinals, and Popes, who may be in Purgatory. Also for Dr. William A. Marra
7. For the President, members of Congress & the Supreme Court, and all government officials.
8. All those in the military, especially those serving in war zones_____; for their families & friends. For all veter-
   ans, living & deceased, and their families.
9. For the restoration of the Traditional Latin Mass, and reverence to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, espec-
    ially by elimination of Holy Communion in the hand, from the Chalice without necessity; of so-called "Euch-
    aristic ministers", altar girls, etc. Also, for the conversion of these people & that they may realize what they  
    are doing is wrong.
10. For the conversion of sinners, heretics, infidels, Jews, Masons, and Communists, and all those within and 
    without the Church, who are trying to destroy it.
11. For all those who are persecuted for their Catholic Faith, especially those in Communist countries. Also for
     those 'Christians' who are persecuted for their belief in Christ and trying to live it as best they can in their
12. For the sick & suffering; the dying, especially those who will die today (night), and most particularly those
     will die suddenly, that they may receive the grace of final repentance.
13. For the homeless, especially the children & teenagers; those addicted to alcohol and/or drugs; those invol-
      ved in the drug trade, slave trade, prostitution & porn industry, especially the children; those in prisons or  
      jails, especially those on Death Row, & all those who minister to them.
14. For all women who may be considering having & those who are being forced to have an abortion; for those
      who have had an abortion, that they may seek and/or receive the graces of repentance, forgiveness, and
      healing, for all those who are in any way affected by abortion; for the conversion of those who are in favor of
      abortion, and those who perform or are otherwise involved with abortion; also for the repose of the souls of
      those women who died after having an abortion who may be in Purgatory. Also for the souls of those babies
      who have died from abortion. For an end to contraception, euthanasia, & all things anti-life.
15. For all Catholic apostolates, particularly the Traditional ones: BFI, CAI, LMM, & Fatima Center; for all those
      who work for them, and their supporters; also for EWTN, CHN. Envoy, Catholic Answers, and all the others,
      that they all may be, or become, good solid defenders of the whole Catholic Faith.

Jr., Crystal, Amanda Dawn / Jeff & Angel, Whitney & Alan / Jay & Sandy & children / 
Roger & Leslie, Jacob & Jessie, Doris Ringuette, Leslie's parents (adoptive & birth)
Lynn Fortin & (David), Phil Fortin / Lori Guerrette & children / Mel Gamblin & Louise, Melissa &
the boys / Doug, Dave, & Pauline Bubar / Russell, B.R., Lisa Monson & parents / Rick___, / Herman & Lisa
Madore & parents / Paul & Kim Michaud, Hope / Robin Neustadt / T.C. Matthews / Kevin Bennett / Shannon &
Phil Griffin / The Pelletiers: Greg, Mark, Brian & the rest / Joanne & Squeaky / Starla / Cindy Longley & family/
Stephanie, Dean & family / The Ognens / Buddy Grantham & family / Dave Collins & family / Kelly & Crystal
Leeman & parents / Pat & Gloria, Mack Madore & sibling / Mark Walton & family / Tony / Jerry Bennett &
family / Rod Bennett & family / Kristel, Kally, Wade & Barb / The Burby's, Katina & Christina / The Lagasse's / Norma, Pam, Jay, Joan, Donna & Tom / Paul & Nora Heffelfinger & Dino / Marilee Jordan & Steve / Stacy Abbott / Carmen / Tiny / Kelly & Scott / Gordon / Dave Hart / Fred / Jerry & Kathy Pelletier, Scott & Jason / Gary and Chris & the kids / Ray & Theresa Moats / Sandy Barnett & Bill / The Caporatta's / The Trombley's / Josh and Amy Madore & fam/ Randy and Lori Hodgkins,/ Gary Little & fam. / Craig Little & fam./ Kelly Little & fam. /
Jeff / Steve Page & family / everyone else I knew back then..........
Everyone I knew from Holy Rosary: Jackie, Mrs. Anderson, Nancy, Gail, Beth, Tom & Juanita & their families,
Shirley Anderson (and her sons), Ivan & Yolanda and all the others I knew
Alan & Denise / Darcy & Stephanie / Harold Carter / Chatchai / everyone else I knew from P.I.
Elizabeth / Charlene / the other librarians /
Bob, Luis, Kevin, Maryann & all the others I've met at Church.
Bree & Rob / Larry / Richard & Wendy / Shaun / Traeger & Kip / Mike / Jeff / Bridget / Amanda / and all those
who have lived at 46 Jefferson, or hung out there, and their families.
Erin, Sarah & family, Rachel, Jeff & everyone else I knew at Wendy's.
Stan & Cheryl / Jessica / & every one else I met or know from Bangor.
Stephanie, Lori, Cara, Bronwen, Amy, Kim and all the other girls & their families.
Also, Carrie (?), the one on Hammond St bus at 7:30, and the "pretty" who resembles Carrie (?)