Our Lady of Mount CarmelOLMC


Why not consider grouping with friends and alternating an hour? For more information, please email AdorationChapel@olmc1.org.

You may also register online by filling out a simple form located here.

General Information for Each Assigned Adorer

  1. Your commitment to adore is a blessing from the Lord…MAY OUR ADORATION NEVER CEASE!
  2. Each time you adore you MUST sign in. It is important that each hour be covered.
    (You are the committed Adorer and Guardian of the Eucharist during your hour.)
  3. The procedure to follow when you cannot come to the chapel at your assigned time:
    Never leave an answering machine message; continue calling until you reach someone.
    • Contact the person who is assigned to adore at the same hour you are and let them know you are unable to be there.
    • If this fails, you should try to get a substitute. Try calling an Adorer with the same hour but different day. You may find it necessary to switch days for some important reason during the year
    • If you cannot get a substitute, contact your Hourly Captain.
    • If you cannot reach your Hourly Captain, contact your Shift Coordinator.
    • If you cannot reach your Shift Coordinator, contact your Division Leader.
    • If all else fails, contact the Head Coordinators, the Cravers.
    Please do not contact the parish office. If you do you will be instructed to follow the above.
  4. A Master list of Adorers will be available outside the chapel.
  5. You may want to consider increasing your spiritual reading and prayer, especially for:
    • The Church The Pope The Family & the Right to Life
    • Our Country & Its Leaders
    • For Peace
    • The intentions listed in our Book of Intentions
    • Our Priests & Vocations To the Priesthood & Religious Life
    • …And that which weighs heavily on your heart
  6. Encourage others to sign up for adoration…even to become occasional adorers.
  7. Include your petitions in our book located outside the chapel

Swipe Cards

For security reasons you must be a registered member of the parish in order to have your card programmed for access to the adoration chapel. Also, you will not be allowed to "swipe" cards on behalf of other people.

If you still have not had your card programmed for the adoration chapel and plan on adoring between the hours of 10PM and 5AM, see the parish secretary, in the parish office, during regular business hours, to have your card programmed for entry into the chapel. If you are in need of a card, you can purchase a card for $2 each.

Guidlines and Rules for Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel Conduct

So that all may adore Our Lord without distraction, please consider -

RESPECT for Our Lord is displayed in the following ways:

The following CHAPEL RULES are to be observed by all adorers:


A restroom and a telephone are located outside the chapel.

Between the hours of 10PM and 5AM, the chapel will be accessible by using a swipe card, ideally a magnetic stripe card in your wallet or purse (credit card, library card, anything with a magnetic strip on the back) that can be activated by stopping by the church office.

If you do not have a magnetic stripe card, the office can provide one to you for a $2 fee.